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    What is the OnceForm?

    The OnceForm is our powerful business registration tool that allows us to ask you for your information just one time to complete all of the registrations that you choose. It should only take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

    Here’s the key info we’ll be asking you for:

    • Entity type: choose between sole trader, partnership or company
    • Your business: name and address
    • Your details: TFN, date and place of birth, and contact details
    • Tax details: estimated business turnover and GST (if applicable)
    • ABN status: make sure you’re not already trading under an existing ABN as a sole trader
  2. 02

    How long does the OnceForm take to complete?

    It should only take approximately 15 minutes to complete if you have all your details ready. You can stop and start whenever you like.

  3. 03

    I’m stuck on the OnceForm. How can I get some help?

    If you get stuck anywhere along the process or just have some questions about the OnceForm please don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly Customer Support staff through our live chat during business hours or email at any other time.

  4. 04

    Where is my OnceForm data stored?

    All customer OnceForm data is stored safely on our secure AWS system.

A-Z Glossary of useful terms.

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