Registered Office from $300 inc GST, billed and renewed annually.

Use Veromo's professional Registered Office service for your company to fulfil the legal address requirements when registering a company in Australia.


Registered Office

(Billed and Renewed Annually)*

Package Inclusions

  • Your registered office is located at Veromo's office in Sydney, NSW, 2000
  • Mail from ASIC, ATO & other government bodies forwarded via email


  • Your own FREE Adminimiser Account with 12 months access
  • Registration renewals and reminders
  • Secure online business document storage
  • Access to our custom educational resources

* Your ASIC Agent service will automatically be renewed annually unless written notification to cease the service is provided.

Use Veromo’s professional Registered Office service for your company to fulfil the legal address requirements when registering a company in Australia. All companies registered in Australia must by law, have a physical registered Office address. This address is published on ASIC’s website.

Your registered office address is where ASIC sends all your official correspondence and notifications. If you are a business that does not want to use your home address,  Veromo’s Registered Office Address is perfect for you.

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Compare Business Structures

Compare Business Structures

Sole Trader
Ownership & Profits
A company is owned by shareholders, and run by directors - both could be you. Profits are shared.
You get total ownership and control of the business, and its profits.
Partners own and run the business together. You get joint control and profits.
Setup & Paperwork
Increased tax and legal formalities = more complex set-up process and ongoing paperwork.
Easy to set-up, simple to run.
Few tax and legal formalities = relatively simple to set-up and run.
High levels of regulation, with additional record-keeping requirements and other obligations.
Less formal or legal processes, with little ongoing red tape.
Less formal and legal processes, with little ongoing red tape.
Liability & Risk
Your liability is usually limited to your ownership share. Increased protection from risk to your personal assets.
You’re personally responsible for all debts incurred by your business, putting your personal assets at risk.
Partners responsibility for all debts incurred by the business (regardless of ownership share) putting your personal assets at risk.
Setup Cost
A company can be expensive to establish and maintain.
Establishment costs are low.
Establishment costs are low.
Raising Capital
Easier to attract funding and investors. Wider capital-raising opportunities.
Your ability to raise capital is limited.
You have greater borrowing capacity.
Tax Basics
Your personal income is taxed lower than the top personal tax rate. The company submits its own tax return, with good tax breaks to be had.
Your net profit is taxed at individual rates, or your overall income tax is calculated at personal rates.
You are taxed as an individual on your income from the partnership, but the business will also need to lodge a separate partnership tax return.

Pro's and Con's of Registered Office service

Get excited about:

  • More time to focus on your business
  • More privacy If you work from home as your address remains private
  • You can move locations easily without having to file costly changes of address which are mandatory

But keep in mind:

  • Possible loss of control
  • There may be additional cost implications you'll need to assess

Registered Office - Frequently Asked Questions.

What is a Registered Office Address?

A Registered Office Address is where all your correspondence or notifications from ASIC, the ATO and other government regulatory bodies are sent. It is published on the ASIC website for public viewing.

Why do I need a Registered Office Address?

A Registered Office Address is an Australian Corporations Law requirement. All companies registered in Australia must therefore by law have a physical Registered Office Address. Your Registered Office Address is available for public view on the ASIC website.

Where is the Registered Office Address?

If you sign up for the Veromo Registered Office Address service, the address will be:
Level 5, 56 Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000

How do I sign up for a Registered Office Address for my new company?

If you are signing up for a new company with Veromo online, simply optin for this service when completing the OnceForm. You will be invoiced for this service during checkout in addition to your company incorporation.

How much does the Registered Office Service Cost?

Veromo's Registered Office Address Service is $264 including GST and is billed and renewed annually. If you have subscribed to this service, Veromo will forward via email all correspondence received from ASIC, the ATO and other government regulatory bodies to your nominated email address as provided in your OnceForm. Note, this service does not include forwarding correspondence from other entities. Should this service be required, then an additional fee will be negotiated and billed separately.

How do I get my company’s mail?

All mail or communications received on your company's behalf will be scanned and emailed to the email address nominated on your OnceForm. Postage fees and a handling fee will be charged If you require the original copies of the documents. They will be forwarded to your nominated postal address.

What happens if I want to change the Registered Office Address back to my company?

We will be sad to see you go, but all you need to do is notify us via email that you will no longer require this service from us. We will prepare the necessary Form 484 documentation for you to sign. Once we receive the signed form back from you, we will make the lodgement with ASIC and the ASIC Register will be updated.

Can I use your Registered Office Service if my company is already registered?

Of course you can. We'd love to have you on board. Click the "Registered Office Get Started button, and complete the online application form to start the process. We'll then send you a Consent of Occupier letter together with instructions you'll need to follow to make Veromo your Registered Office. This includes lodging a Form 484 online advising ASIC of the Change of Registered Address. Once this is completed, Veromo will become your Registered Office.

New or Existing Company?

New Company not yet registered with ASIC:

  • When your register your new company with Veromo, simply select our BUSINESS IN A BOX Package and
  • We will pre-fill the registered office details on your application for you
  • You will be billed for both your Company Incorporation and the Registered Office Service.

Company already registered with ASIC:

  • Clicking the “GET STARTED” button below
  • Fill out the easy online application form
  • We will then review your order details and send you a signed Occupiers Consent letter via email together with instructions on how you need to advise ASIC of the change to your Registered Office using the ASIC Form 484 online.
  • The change of Registered Office will only come into effect once ASIC has been updated online

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