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    What is a Company Register?

    Still, like it or not, running a company involves a certain level of paperwork that just has to be done. There’s a fair amount to complete at kick-off, and there’s a lot of ongoing compliance to navigate, too. Your company register is usually where it all starts. 

    Stored at either your registered office or principal place of business, your company register is actually a collection (or folder) a group of documents that must be kept in order to comply with the Corporations Act (2001).

    These smaller registers contain of all the financial records, statutory papers and files that are required to ensure ongoing compliance with ASIC and provide up-to-date information on the ABR.

    Your company register is important because it provides a snapshot of your business at any moment in time.

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    What’s included in my Company Register?

    Here’s an overview of what’s included in your Veromo company register package. 

    Each booklet comes with its own handy checklist:

    • A Guide to Running your Company 
    • Booklet 02: Company Documents + Minutes of Meetings / Resolutions
    • Booklet 03: Share Registers
    • Booklet 04: Bank Account Kit
    • A Veromo notebook

A-Z Glossary of useful terms.

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