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    What is a Constitution and do I receive one?

    What is a Constitution?

    The Constitution for most companies is drawn up prior to the registration of the company. The Constitution has the effect of creating a contract between:

    • the company and each member;
    • the company and each director;
    • the company and the company secretary;
    • a member and each other member.

    A company must provide an up-to-date copy of the Constitution (s139) to any member who requests it within 7 days (or within 7 days of the fee being paid if a fee up to the prescribed amount set out in the Corporations Regulations 2001 (the Regulations) (reg 1.1.01), is charged).

    It is not necessary to lodge the Constitution of a proprietary company (not being an unlimited company) with the application for registration but they must be kept with the company’s records and made available if required.

    Source ASIC 

    Do I receive one from you if I register a company?

    Yes this is generated by our system and emailed to you upon completion of your company registration. It will be included in your Company Register. 

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