We help entrepreneurs pursue their dreams. That goes for our team, too.

We've done our homework

We’re on a journey to create a product that our customers can truly value. Veromo is based on years of research and real-life conversations with business owners; our business model is solid and has attracted reliable funding and support.

We're design-led with solid foundations.

We’re curious about the world and we love tackling complex problems. To us, design is both a differentiator and a transformer —we understand the power of a user-centric approach and we think in terms of utility and usability.

We're looking for our kind.

You’ll have the opportunity to work on something new, without the micromanagement. We see it more as you choosing your own adventure — as long as you get to our shared destination on time and respect your team along the way.

We punch high.

We’ve taken great care to put the right processes in place from the start. This helps us work efficiently and maintain a very high standard, which is exactly what we’re all about. We don’t do shortcuts, we just do it right the first time around.

We're not one-hit wonders

We have a long-term vision (let’s just say it: we’re not building a fart app). We have a solid product roadmap and a plan to venture into new markets. It’s going to be a ride but a really well thought-out one.

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